We've been building our community since 1979

Martin Horn began in 1947 as Edward van Laer Construction. The company was re-named Martin Horn in 1979, when Jack Horn formed a partnership with the president of Edward van Laer, Warren Martin. That first year, the company did $700,000 in construction. Now, more than 25 years later, that number has grown to $40 million annually. Jack and Warren succeeded on the values of integrity, quality, and hard work. Sadly, Warren passed away in 1992.


In 2002, Jack Sr. became Martin Horn’s Chairman of the Board, and his sons Jack Jr., Doug, and Ted now run day-to-day operations. Together, the Horn brothers bring the company more than 50 years experience in the construction industry.


To facilitate the transition from first to second generation leadership, Martin Horn has worked with outside consultants on an ambitious program of self-evaluation and strategic planning. As a result, the company has implemented changes in management structure, hired additional staff, created new positions, improved communication systems, and invested in new technology. The changes are designed to keep the focus on customers and their projects.


Martin Horn is now firmly positioned for growth in the 21st century. At the same time, the company still operates on the timeless ideals of integrity, reliability, quality, and hard work first instilled by Jack Horn, Sr. and Warren Martin.


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