As a matter of convenience for you, the general scope of your coverage with PLT is described below.  Please keep in mind, however, that these statements are not binding, and the specific terms of your coverage are dictated by the Trust Memorandum of Coverage, which is available to you on your individual account page or from the Trust upon request.

  •  You are covered for professional liability claims that arise out of clinical care performed pursuant to your obligations as a UPG/UVA contracts only.  You are not covered by the Trust for “moonlighting.”

  • Your coverage with PLT is “Occurrence Coverage, “provides funding for all claims which arise out of a given policy year, regardless of when the claim is actually made.  You will not need to purchase “tail” coverage if/when your employment with UVA/UPG concludes.

  • You are covered up to the limits of the Medical Malpractice Cap in Virginia, and as that cap increases annually, your coverage will increase at the same rate.

  • The Trust covers you for volunteer medical care, provided for free, in Virginia and with the approval of your department chair.

  • The Trust covers you for volunteer care provided at the Charlottesville Free Clinic.

  • Coverage for liabilities as a result of providing professional services outside the state of Virginia, or out of the United States, will not be provided absent approval in writing from the Trust prior to commencement of the services.  Please contact us well in advance of your travel to request coverage.

  • You are required to promptly report medical incidents to the Trust.
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