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Take a walk around the University of Virginia, stroll Downtown Charlottesville, or drive out any country road in Central Virginia, and you're likely to see a Martin Horn project. Apartment buildings, amphitheaters, hospitals, churches, schools, stadiums: We build stuff.


Over the past 30 years, we've also built a $40 million construction company known for integrity, reliability, and skilled management. When owners have challenging jobs, they call Martin Horn. We believe our community and look forward to another 30 years here.


Monticello Visitor's Center


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The pressures for a successful completion of the pavilion were tremendous.  If it were not for the extreme dedication and ingenuity of Martin Horn, I don't know how we could have accomplished it.  We have the utmost respect for this firm and it's people.


– William Lenart, Principal, FTL Design Engineers

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Going up now in Central VA...

What’s Happening with Charlottesville’s Historic Coca-Cola Building?


Martin Horn has been busy breathing new life into an historic property. A well-known fixture, the Coca-Cola Building on Preston Avenue dates back to 1939, and has been expanded twice since its original construction. Today, the 38,000 square foot building is undergoing a complete renovation, while preserving its Art Deco roots and charm.   READ MORE>

Community Service story here


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